Cuck Ass Cleaner MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Mistress Hayden Bell has a date set up with her hot boyfriend for later, and he just loves her ass. She wants to make sure it is perfect for him, and that is the job of her ass cleaning cuckold slave.Hayden makes sure that he gets her ass clean, changing positions so that every inch of her ass is cleaned. She denies the poor cuckold any taste of her pussy, as that is reserved only for her boyfriend. Hayden finishes off the ass cleaning by siting on her cuck's face, making sure that he breathes in her ass deeply as his tongue cleans as far she can force it up her ass. Hayden could care less about the poor cuck gasping for air as she sits deeper and deeper on his face. She leaves the cuck alone on the bed as she goes out to have fun, but not before spitting on his face and telling him how pathetic he is.

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