Leather-Loving Slave Worships Me and Fetish Liza`s Outfits!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: female domination

Duration: 22:00

With my slave naked before us I hold him by his leash and make him worship my leather boots by kissing them all over. "Such a lucky leather slut, licking her boots again," Fetish Liza says as she supervises the job he`s doing. She takes a seat atop his back and uses him as her human furniture as he continues hungrily mouthing my boots. Once he`s done with mine, it`s time for him to clean Liza`s and he wastes little time licking them until they`re nice and shiny. She commands him to suck her heel and he eagerly obeys, taking it in his mouth just like it was a cock. "Maybe it`s time to worship our beautiful outfits," I say as I instruct him to begin licking the ass of Liza`s tight leather skirt. When he`s done with hers he begins on mine, kissing and running his tongue all over the red leather. "I can smell that leather from here," Liza comments. "It must taste good because he keeps licking!" Making him stand before us we attach clamps to his nipples and tease by gently playing with his balls and nipples while letting him sniff out leather gloves. I drive him crazy by stroking his cock before throwing him down on the bed to tease him more. I sit on his face and let him sniff my ass while Fetish Liza plays with his dick. "Put your tongue out and start to lick my asshole," I demand as I pull my panties aside and ride his face. His cock gets rock hard in excitement but whether or not we`ll let him cum has yet to be determined. Trading places, Liza smothers him with both her leather-clad ass and leather gloves while I torment him by jerking his dick but refusing to let him cum. We leave him on the bed, horny, alone, full of cum, and sexually frustrated! Video includes: goddess worship, 2 mistress, ass mothering, smother, cock tease, tease and denial, face sitting, fetish lisa

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