Little Miss Pink Gets Cucked Fucked And Eats Cum‏

Category: female domination

Duration: 34:00

Nadia loves to prey on men as she uses her blonde hair and her big bouncy booby's to trick them back to her condo. She acts like a little horny bubblehead and then convinces them to put on pink collars, telling them how horny it makes her to see another man touch another man's cock. Getting the guys to agree to jerk one another off. One blows his load early so she instructs the friend to eat the filth right out of Cameron's hand. Informing them she will be keeping them for the rest of the day playing games until one of them gets to fuck her. Princess Nadia White demands that these cuckys worship her perfect ass. She wants them to drive their tongues deep inside her sweet hole get it perfectly clean. Pleasing her is there sole purpose in life. Inhale deeply and savor the taste of your Princess's perfect ass. Goddess Nadia's feet have been sweating in her stockings and high heels all day. She is amused to have her faithful cucks waiting at her feet. She begins tormenting them by dangling her velvet black stilettos. Then putting her stocking covered feet right in their face. Goddess shoves her feet down Cameron's throat and demands that he suck the sweat off of her sheer black stockings. She uses Alex's face as hamper and torments the boys with her sexy feet instructing them to worship her. Nadia tells Cameron to jerk his pathetic dicklett all over her feet and slurp up every last drop. She is amused as he struggles. Nadia laughs at how tiny cucky boys cock is. Nadia tells the boys they have almost won the right to get her pussy but not quite yet. She instructs Little Miss pink to suck Alex's cock. He must prove to her what a come guzzling little cucky boy he is before he can get her pussy. Forcing him to suck a cock deep throating it and even smacking him in the face taunting him with her pussy. Then he takes a big load of man goo in his pathetic little fuck hole. Nadia is loving it as the cum drips down his chin. She never lets them get her pussy.... Nadia has had fun with her cucky boys today. Now she allows little Miss Pink to lick her hot wet pussy to lube it up before she allows Cucky Alex to fuck her. She instructs him to lick Cucky Alex's balls and suck his cock while he fucks her. She's had multiple orgasms allowing Alex to fill the condom full of his filth then making little Miss pink open his mouth wide dunking the cum filled condom in and out of his mouth like a teabag. Flipping it over pouring out every last drop all over his sad pathetic cucky boy face. Now that Nadia has had her fun with her new little cuck boys she thanks Barbie boy welcoming him over anytime to service her by being her bitch. Little Miss pink is very upset hearing this so she asks him "why the long face". He replies "well he got to do everything to you and all I got was a face full of cum all day. When do I get to fuck?" Nadia says "oh, all you want to do is fuck?" He rips his pants down revealing his tiny dicklet and screams back "yes, I want to fuck." Mistress Nadia replies "wait right here I'll be right back and we will fuck." She returns with her big purple strap on, smacks the cucky boy bending him over entering his man pussy vigorously till he squeals like a little bitch. When he can't take anymore she flips him over fucking him some more. Finally exhausted she lays back with his head between her legs as he is staring up at her knowing that he has been owned. She instructs him to clean his filthy ass off of her purple strap on.

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