Wrestling with his manhood MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 18:00

After his humiliating defeat to Brianna, the macho wrestler is back. He cannot accept the fact that a woman can kick his ass. He wants another match to set it right. Megan is eager to take on this smart ass. She has been preparing for weeks and is READY. The man starts off aggressive, nearly causing Megan to tap out. However, she just gets pissed off and it is the boost she needs. She scissors the guy's neck, gets him in arm lock. Then pins him flat before he knows what has happened. Now, "Tough, Guy," Megan tells him, "The stakes just got higher." Megan demands that he jerks off on her strap on cock. She laughs that it better be a good load because it is all the lube he is going to get. Megan loves fucking him in the ass. She rides him like a bitch with 12 black inches. Every time he wants another match, the stakes will just get higher and higher. First she tatters his manhood on the matt. Then she takes what is left of it with her huge cock

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