Cum Licking Boot Faggot

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddess Alina and mistress Sasha have their slave on his knees. The little bitch boy has graduated to boot faggot. Mistress is wearing tall shiny black boots and they need to be cleaned. The boot faggot gets to work. The boot faggot starts with her heel and Mistress Sasha makes him suck on it. Mistress Sasha knows he likes sucking on that heel like he likes to suck big black cock. The eager foot faggot agrees with what ever his boot mistress says. Goddess Alina makes sure he knows that he is nothing more then a pathetic boot slave . After the boots have been cleaned Mistress Sasha makes him Jerk his pathetic cock all over their boots. Only to make him lick up every last drop.

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