Surprise for Cuckie_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 11:00

Eden Adams has just come home to find her obedient cuckold cleaning the kitchen. She is pleased with his pink dress and high heels. She has a surprise for him. She has brought a stud for him to suck off. Not only does Eden demand that he swallow the stud's cuck and make him cum....but she pulls out a strap on. She instructs the cuck to lube up her strap on with the stud's cum. Eden bends the cuck over and fucks him the ass with the stud's cum. She wonders how the subby feel, getting fucked with a stud's cum while he still has the taste of his cock in his mouth. Eden pumps the cuck full of her cock. When she is does she puts the cuck on his knees and forces him to lick her strap on cock clean.

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