Cum and Get Ball Punched_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Leena has one of the stable bitches strung up and hanging for her amusement. Leena is feeling generous, so she gives her slave bitch a "choice." If he can survive her milking skills and not cum from a handjob, she will give him an erotic fucking with a strapon and actually let him enjoy it. But if he cums, she is going to ruin his orgasm by punching him in the balls with every spurt, then make him eat his own cum as well! Of course, the pathetic slave really has no chance. Leena holds his balls tight with one hand while milking him with the other, practically forcing the cum from his nuts. She enjoys his moans of pleasure, knowing each one is a sign of his eventual defeat. Once his cock starts to spew, Leena immediately punches him in the balls' after each spurt, he gets a nut punch. Once he has stopped cumming, Leena makes him eat his own cum off her fingers as she laughs at how easily she controlled her bitch. Leena leaves him hanging helplessly as she talks about how much she enjoys controlling slaves with sex.

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