Scrawny Bitch Gets Owned (Wrestling)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Callie Nicole drops her friend Ryan Hart off to work out at the gym, and notices that the guy there working out is the cocky male pig that was grabbing her ass and making rude comments the other night, Ryan says oh dont worry i will take care of this scrawny bitch, she confronts the guy and right away he tells her to get back in the kitchen and off his mat, she challenges the asshole to a fight and says the winner fucks the loser ? or are you just all talk bitch boy, Lew accepted her challenge and goes into some of his kung fu moves, ryan snatches his skinny ass up throws him to the mat and completely dominates him, making him tap out 3 times she puts him in a choke hold and tells him she is going to fuck his man pussy, and makes him beg her. Pt 1 of 2

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