Fried Fucking Nuts

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Mistress Ryan Hart and Goddess Callie Nicole just received two brand new cattle prods from one of their slaves and decide its time to have some fun, They pull their pathetic sluts from there cage's and make them race, While shocking them with the cattle prods, Mistress Ryan gets sadistic and has slave 227 bound and restrained so that he can't reach his slut stick , then she gives him two minutes to try and reach it or she will fry his balls, Knowing that he can't she just laughs as they watch him try, And she fries his nuts anyway, Then they have poor pathetic slave Toby locked in a ball stock and tell him they are going to double fry his nuts, but Mistress Ryan takes a sponge from a bucket that is soaked in water and squeezes it out over the slaves head and balls, and tells him this is how they deep fry his nuts, The women both place the tip of the cattle prods on his balls and hit the button as Toby screams in pain the ladies just laugh, reminding him there is no reason or need for male balls at clubdom.

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