Fuck Monkey Sucks Cock (Chindo Pt 4)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Alexis Fawx is feeling horny and enters the dungeon with slave crawling in front of her as she shocks the slut with her cattle prod laughing at how far the bitch jumps every time she shocks him, She lays him on his back and places her thigh high boot on his chest, and spreads her legs, informing him that he must get her off, She attaches a chindo to his face and tells him to fuck her pussy hard, The slaves head is bouncing up and down like a basketball as she yells harder bitch, The pathetic slut can't get her off, So she lays him back on a bench and decides he will be her human dildo, She spits on his cock face, and begins to grind her pussy all over his dick face she fucks the bitch till she reaches orgasm, Then smacks him in the face and says if she wants anything done right, She just has to do it herself, Your pathetic and useless.

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