Poker Face_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 31:00

Esme, Tristen, and Melanie are having fun partying, but with parents coming home soon, they need somewhere else to go. They remember that the local nerd boy, Eugene, is home alone for the weekend. The cruel girls decide to have some fun at his expense; they are going to make him into a chastised sissy bitch for their amusement while they use his house as a place to party! Eugene is so happy that hot girls are actually coming to his house that he quickly agrees to everything they ask - especially when they start flashing their tits, asses, and pussies at him! He agrees to get naked for them, causing them to burst out in laughter at how small his dick is, especially when compared to a real cock! The pathetic geek is soon dressed in a sissy maid's outfit, locked in chastity, and wearing the cock on a head harness as the girls are playing poker and drinking. The girls have an interesting twist on playing poker; when one of them wins a hand, Eugene has to face fuck their pussies, and if they actually show in any way they enjoy it, they have to drink! How pathetic it makes Eugene feel, that the girls don't even want to admit accepting pleasure from a dildo he is wearing on his face! But his humiliation is only beginning; when the pizza delivery man comes, the girls tell him they have no money for the pizza - but they have a sissy to give him a blowjob instead! The delivery man shoots a huge load all over Eugene's face, much to the delight of the girls, who truly enjoy harshly humiliating this loser. The girls decide to play another game with Eugene: having him smell and lick their dirty asses, then tell them which girl he was licking! Of course, the nerd gets it wrong several times before finally making a lucky guess. As the girls are enjoying some relaxing foot worship, they all get a surprise: Eugene's father is home! The girls scatter as Eugene panics, knowing that he is totally busted - while dressed as a sissy maid!

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