Stretching Your Slutty Balls (CBT)

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Dava Foxx knows how to have a good time, She has two of her pathetic slaves slut sacks tied off and attached to her suspension device and is going to be stretching their slut sacks today. First, she starts off by measuring both of the slaves nuts then she starts cranking on the hoist and laughing as the slaves scream and cry as she stretches their nut sacks , Then she measures again, and decides that they have a long way to go and flips the bitches over to continue with more torture and ball stretching, Now firmly gripping their slut sacks, she feels that she can do better but first starts to drive her long fingernails into their scrotums as they cry and beg for mercy, She just laughs and tells them that this is what makes her pussy wet, she then decides to just walk off and let them continue stretching for the rest of the day

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