Chastised and Caged Maid Part 1

Category: female domination

Duration: 17:00

Sitting on the throne reading porn magazines and playing with her sissy clit, the maid is caught red handed by Lady Nina! Trying to make excuses that she was cleaning the dungeon are met with a swift rebuke by the annoyed Mistress and maid is soon placed on the cross for some suitable punishment, Nina spanks the naughty maid, delighting in the wobbling bum before getting out the flogger, however the punishment is not having the desired effect, the maid's clit is sticking out even more than before, she is obviously enjoying herself too much. Lady Nina has little choice but to administer six of the best with the cane to address this issue before releasing the maid to continue with her chores, suitably chastised. TRANNY - CANE - SPANKING - TIE AND TEASE - SISSY MAID - FEMALE DOMINATION - FEMDOM - BONDAGE

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