Goddess Kylie Rogue Owns You 3 POV's

Category: female domination

Duration: 15:00

Goddess Kylie Rogue Owns Your Gaping Asshole You know you want Goddess Kylie Rogue To Fuck that gaping asshole of yours, That's right wearing her 14" inch thick black cock you yearn to slather up her strap-on and be fucked with your own spit, Rammed hard and long until she makes you cry then fucks you with your own tears, She instructs you to jerk off that little tiny dicklet of yours as you dream of her gaping your slut hole stretching it to its maximum capacity leaving you in a pile of your own drool and filth. Goddess Kylie's Chastity Tease POV Goddess Kylie Rogue decides to have a little fun with your pathetic cuckold ass, She has just bought you a new chrome cock lock. Your very own chastity device in wich she keeps the key, first she locks you up and then starts instructing you to slap yourself in the balls, that's right harder slut, then after they are all warm and red she tells you to start inserting fingers up your ass, one at a time until you have gaped your man pussy wide enough to have four fingers, shove up your ass. Oh and don't worry you will get to cum, but not by stroking that pathetic little slut stick but by stimulating your prostate and fucking yourself in the ass until you are spilling your disgusting filth all over the floor, But wait you thought that that was it, no not yet because she requires that you slurp up every last drop of your man filth. Spilling Your Goo POV Goddess Kylie Rogue gives you one chance to pull out that pathetic dicklet and jerk it for all it worth because after she instructs you on how to spill your goo, She has a special treat for you, You get to use it to lube up her huge black strap-on before she stretches out your ass

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