Cucky Boy Play Date (Forced Bi)

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Raven Bay Tells Goddess Alina she has a gift for her, Because her subby hubby has such a tiny dicklet she is going to let her cucky fuck her, Then she warns her cuck boy Alex that he better do a good job of pleasing Goddess Alina or that there will be punishment, but first Alina makes her cuckold boy get Alex hard and work him up by giving him a hand job, then Alex starts to fuck Goddess Alina only lasting less than 3 minutes and spilling his filth all over cucky boy Camerons face and is then made to lick up every last drop, Mistress Raven is not happy and the ladies end their date for the day and take their bitch boy's home to pound some man pussy

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