No Tapping Out_MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 21:00

Alexis Reigns takes on a male fighter on the matt. The stakes are high. The winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass with a strap on. Alexis has been preparing for this day. Her body is tight and strong. She can already feel her cock in the male's ass before the fight begins. The male comes out confident. He has been preparing too. He immediately pins Alexis, much to her surprise. This set back only fuels her desire to win. She kicks him in the head, knocking him off balance and then gets him in a head lock with her strong thighs. The male starts to panic and taps out. Alexis laughs. "What is that you are doing with you hand?" She refuses to recognize his plea to stop. She keeps her legs clamped down on his throat until he is good and scared. Then she lets him up only to take him down again. When it comes time for her to fuck him, Alexis is pumped. She rides his ass hard, loving every minute

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