Milking Their Slave's Useless Slut Stick With A Twist

Category: female domination

Duration: 7:00

Goddess Kimber Woods and Goddess Jamie Valentine have another pathetic slave chained up to a tree. Standing in front of this worthless slave informing him that its milking day since he has not been fed for 40 days. With a terrified look on their slaves face they begin to laugh and humiliate his worthless cock because it cant even get hard. But Goddess Kimder knows how to solve that issue as she shoves his cock in a pump. Both Goddess begin to pump this pathetic cock till their slave his begging for them to stop. As this slaves slut stick grows with every pump he begins to get redder and redder. Once Goddess Jamie and Kimber are bored with pumping up this useless stick they begin to force his man filth out of his filth sacs. With the slave now in agony he releases all his man filth into Goddess Kimbers hand and as they laugh in his face they force him to eat every last drop.

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