Milking Their Pathetic Worthless Bitch

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

Its that time of the month for one of their lucky slaves to get milked like a cow. Goddess Marsha May and Goddess Hope Harper walk up to their whimpering slave chained to their table. They begin to milk this pathetic slaves filth stick and within seconds he is already releasing some of his filth, but quickly stopped by his Goddesses since he was not given permission. Stroke after stroke Goddess Hope and Goddess Marsha vigorously milk this worthless slave. Once they have given him permission to release his filth their slave begins to shake and within no time he spreads his filth like a geezer getting it on his Goddesses which is was a big mistake. Soon Goddess Marsha and Goddess Hope are punching him in his filth sacs and pathetic stick making him cry in pain. After they have taken a few swings they then scoop up his mess and shove it in his mouth causing him to gag.

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