Pool Boy Gets Anally Stretched

Category: female domination

Duration: 8:00

As Goddess Kylie Rogue walks by the pool guy on her way to get ready for a client Goddess Venus Divine notices that he is talking about fucking her. Goddess Venus grabs the pool guy and tells him to come with her that Goddess Kylie would love to fuck. With the pool guy excited they walk over to Goddess Kylie and when she turns around he becomes so terrified when he notices a 12 black strop-on. He starts to cry that he is sorry and will get right back to work, but all they do is laugh at this pathetic bitch. Then in a blink of an eye they grab him and bend him over and rip of his pants. Goddess Venus helps hold him down as Goddess Kylie pounds his man pussy dry with her 12 strap-on cock. With this worthless pool guy bent over begging for her to stop she begins to fuck his now not so tight asshole into oblivion while Goddess Venus slaps him in the face. When he thinks it is all over they fold him over and begin to pile drive him while tears are running down his face. Then Goddess Kylie and Venus send this pathetic fuck toy back to the pool to clean it like a good slave.

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