Boot Licking Whore Gets Caned

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Goddess Lydia Supremacy and Mistress Michelle Lacy have their slave on his knees where he belongs making this pathetic bitch lick their boots clean from bottom to top. As they humiliate him and talk down to their slave, he licks the soles of their boots while they are sitting on their chariot. Goddess Lydia informs this bitch that he has disappointed his Goddesses and now its time for a canning. They make this worthless slave roll them out to the field where he is to be locked up and destroyed by his Goddesses. With their slave lock in a stockade with no way to escape Goddess Lydia and Mistress Michelle start to cane his ass till he is shacking in pain. They begin to laugh as each Goddess takes turns marking this pathetic slave till they are pleased with their work.

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