Cattle Prodded And Anally Destroyed

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Lydia Supremacy decide that it is time to have some fun shocking their slave Bradlina while making him crawl on all fours like the bitch he is. As Mistress Michelle and Goddess Lydia force this pathetic slave on his back taunting him right before they cattle prod his 2 dick making him scream in agony. Next they bend Bradlina over and tear his man pussy up with their 12 black strap-on cocks. While this worthless slave yells for mercy, Goddess Lydia begins to threaten his face with her cattle prod making him beg for his Mistress to fuck his tight man pussy. Next thing this worthless slave knows, is his now gaping asshole is being pile drived by Mistress Michelle. Never ask for mercy at ClubDom!!

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