Tiny Dick in The Flying Lucha Brothers

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Tiny Dick and his friend Tinnier Dick are on the mat practicing for a new wrestling competition. Being pathetic and horrible at it, but they have their new masks and think they are the . Goddess Roxii Blair and Rilynn Rae come to work out too. The boys tell them that women have no place on the mat and that they're going to become the new wrestling stars. The girls claim that they are here to work out for the trial also and it's their time to use the mat. Rilynn recognizes tiny dick your tiny dick he says, "no I'm not, he is!" It is hard to tell because both boys have tiny dicks. As a challenge, the ladies want a wrestling match and whoever wins gets to use the mat. Of course, these boys are pathetic and the women beat them easily. Locking their heads between their legs, rubbing their pussies in the boys face and teasing them by pulling down their pants making fun of their tiny pathetic dicks. "What is that?" The boys walk away in shame as girls start to feel sorry for them and devise a plan. Stay tuned for part 2

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