A Cocky Boys Training (Full-Length)

Category: female domination

Duration: 28:00

Goddess Alina Long has her cucky looking up at her from the floor as she cleans her nails and uses his mouth as a trashcan. After Goddess Alina is done with her nails she has her cucky bitch worship and clean her feet with his tongue. Now because she is so pleased with her bitch boy she decides to unlock his chastity and giving him his monthly milking. Goddess Alina milks his pathetic slut stick with her feet pulling the filth right out of this hard cucky cock. Knowing he is only allowed to release once a month from goddesses feet. He is instructed to lick up every last drop of his disgusting man goo. Goddess soon receives a call from her friend Mistress Sasha about having some problems with her new boyfriend and wanting Goddess Alina to help train this pathetic bitch, he needs to be taught that his places is on his knees. First the cucky is instructed to lick their pussies. When these pathetic bitches fail miserably Goddess Alina pulls out a chindo. Mistress Sashas new boyfriend is told that this is how he will please his Mistress from now on and his useless pathetic slut stick will be locked away in chastity. Thrusting the face dildo in and out of Mistress Sasha's wet pussy bringing her to orgasm. Now to have to some more fun, Goddess Alina decides it is time to stretch some man pussies out and they plan to fuck these bitches deep and hard. Goddess Alina rides her slut with her 12 cock while smacking his ass and watching as her cock slides in and out of his tight little man pussy. Mistress Sasha deep throats the slut's mouth with her 12 cock and fucks her new trained cucky hard and long.

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