Hope Harper's Pathetic Husband (Chindo)

Category: female domination

Duration: 5:00

Goddess Hope Harper was not pleased with her husband’s attempt at worshiping her ass. So it looks like she needs to humiliate this pathetic loser even more. While he is still on his knees and begging Goddess Hope not to divorce his pathetic ass, she pulls out a chindo and instructs him to strap it on his fuckhole since his 2” dicklet is still locked away in a chastity. Goddess Hope tells her loser of a husband that if he does not make her have an orgasm this marriage is over. As he is fucking her with his dildoed face, she is teasing and humiliating him about how small and pathetic his 2” dicklet is. After she has had enough of this loser, Goddess Hope decides to tease him some more and dangle the key to his freedom right above his chastity making him get hard and cry in pain. Then right before this pathetic loser of a man thinks he is going to get released she walks in the bathroom with the key and flushes his freedom down the toilet.

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