Shredding Their Slaves Asses

Category: female domination

Duration: 6:00

Mistress Kylie Rogue and Goddess Nicki Ortaga decide that they want to make a bet with each other. The bet is that Goddess Nicki says she can pound her slaves tight man pussy harder and faster than Mistress Kylie can with hers. As their slaves shake in fear, Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki shove their 12” cocks right in their fuck holes. They shove them so far down their throats that the hole 12”s completely disappear. Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki then flip their pathetic worthless slaves over the couch and pound their man pussy into oblivion. They cry for mercy, but that just makes their mistress fuck them even harder. Just when these crying whimpering slaves think it’s all over they make them get on the floor and Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki pile drive even faster and harder. I wonder who won the bet?

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