Ashley Edmunds Night Out MP4

Category: female domination

Duration: 4:00

Mistress Ashley Edmunds is going out for the evening.First Mistress Ashley must get ready and uses her new sissy as a stool. Now She can't decide what to wear. So she hands her chastity cucky model a dress so she can see what it looks like. Mistress Ashley laughs about how convenient it is that her cucky has a girlish figure. Ashely uses her cuck's face as a stool as she applies make up. Then she is out for the night. Once at the club Ashley spots two studs she'd like to take home. She can't decide between them. She sends her cuck a photo of both of the studs on her phone. Ashley smiles, the cuck is going to have a dick in his mouth before the night is over. She wonders for a fleeting moment if the cuck is humiliated over this.

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