FS - Princess Dakota Busts Face Part 1 (Faceslapping)

Category: facebusting

Duration: 7:00

HARD AND REPETITIVE FACE SLAPPING Princess Dakota loves making her cousin clem's life miserable. Ever since he bullied and repeatedly tormented her when she was growing up, she has always dreamed of the day when she would get revenge. Now that she can blackmail him for being a pervert, she is certainly going to get revenge today. She makes clem admit that he is nothing more than her slave now. She makes him recite all of the duties that he must perform as her slave and while she is asking him these questions and he is reciting his duties, she is brutally slapping his face over and over and over. We didn't know how he could take such continuous face slapping but Princess Dakota was not going to let him get off easy. She loves making his life hell.

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