AS - Mistress Meana's Cuckold Hubby Smother Part 1 (Ass Smothering)

Category: face sitting

Duration: 8:00

The scene opens with the ever so sexy Mistress Meana looking over her book titled "101 Nights of Great Sex." She is sitting on her cuckold's face because he is pathetic. She informs us that she only married him for his money and she has not had a single night of great sex since she met him. Not even one night of mediocre sex. So far it's all been BAD sex. So Mistress Meana has turned her loser hubby into her cuckold and she has started fucking other men right in front of him. Last night she fucked the pizza delivery boy and her husband cried like a baby. She had to sit on his face to shut him up and she has decided she will sit on his face all the time now so she doesn't have to listen to his whining and complaining. You can also see more of the beautiful Mistress Meana at her Mistress Meana Wolf clip store.

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