AS - Bad Boys End Up Under My Ass (Ass Smothering)

Category: face sitting

Duration: 5:00

SSBBW, FACE SITTING, ASS SMOTHERING, SQUASHING, HUMILIATION Goddess Lana LaMore loves to treat her small wimpy boyfriend badly. She uses any excuse to punish him by sitting on him with all her weight. Most often she sits on his face although there are time she will sit on his chest as well. Today she told him he was a bad boy because he didn't compliment her enough and didn't give her enough orgasms when he was licking her pussy earlier in the bedroom. So she has no choice but to punish him. She plops her BIG ASS on his face and thus his punishment begins. No matter how much he struggles, she doesn't move. It's a sight to behold all her weight squashing him so mercilessly.

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