AS - Ariel's Three Minute Test (Ass Smothering)

Category: face sitting

Duration: 7:00

Face Sitting, Serious Ass Smothering Mistress Ariel is her usual playful and cruel self. Her ass looks amazing and she loves using it to demolish males. Her pet peeve is when males have a huge ego and believe they can survive under her ass for three minutes. She loves to crush their egos and their hopes as she grinds her ass in their face and makes them regret they ever bragged to her. Today she sits on her slave’s face every which way. Can he go three minutes under Ariel? We shall see. She delivers long smothering, hard core face bouncing and full weight face-sitting with legs lifted entirely off the ground. You can also see more of the sexy Ariel Black at her FemDom Dominatrix Video Ariel Black clip store.

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