AS - Life Under Meana's Ass Part 1 (Ass Smothering)

Category: face sitting

Duration: 8:00

Mistress Meana really enjoys keeping male slaves in a constant state of servitude. One way she makes them serve her is to be a seat cushion under her magnificent ass. Completely objectifying them and sitting on their faces for extremely long periods with no reprieve. Today she is texting her girlfriend as she sits on her ass bitch's face and things become very entertaining. She tells her girlfriend what she is doing and her girlfriend starts getting in on the action. She starts asking Meana to bounce and grind and force her slave to hold his breath for three minutes. Meana is only too happy to oblige and the action gets very intense. It's going to be a great afternoon. You can also see more of the beautiful Mistress Meana at her Mistress Meana Wolf clip store.

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