Pathetic Cuckold -MP4

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Duration: 15:00

Jessi needs a real man to satisfy her pussy, she has been fucking Gabriel behind her boyfriends back for months now. She thinks it is finally time they meet. Sadistically she tells her boyfriend about the cheating, and begins humiliating him by dressing him like the little bitch he is. Jessi dresses her cuckold boyfriend in red lingerie and slutty red lipstick, perfect for sucking cock. She loves humiliating and abusing males especially if they are incapable of pleasing her.Jessi invites Gabriel over who immediately begins kissing and fondling her, rubbing her pussy right in front of her boyfriend. Jessi orders the cuck on his knees to begin sucking the cock that gives her so much pleasure. Jessi forces the cuck's head on Gabrielle's cock making him choke down every inch while she laughs at his humiliation. She asks Gabrielle to fill the cuck's mouth with his cum, making him eat what fills her pussy every night.

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