CU - You Married a Dominant Woman, Now You're Her Sex Slave (Cuckold)

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 8:00

It's your wedding night and you can't wait to consummate your marriage. Your wife looks ultra sexy and you are so aroused. But she has some news for you. She is very dominant and has no plans on changing that fact. Whereas you… will become her minion… her subby hubby… her cuckold and also her sex slave. When she wants her ass licked, you better be ready to fall to your knees and give her what she wants immediately. Sometimes she might make you wait for weeks before you get to cum. Other times she may demand 12 orgasms out of you in one day. You will never know what she expects next but one thing is for sure… your life will never be the same. It's "till d-e-a-t-h do us part" baby. You either accept your place beneath her feet or meet your fate. Now go fetch the "Best Man" so she can give you a taste of what to expect in the future.

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