Cuckold Fluffer Husband

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 19:00

Eve's husband is woken up by her return at 7am, after she has been out clubbing for the night. He is shocked when she explains how she is fed up with his useless lovemaking and has taken it into her own hands to bring a new lover back to their marital bed. He is dismayed to learn that he won't ever be able to fuck her again and his new role will be to ready the big cocks she brings back and to clean up the mess after the long, hard sessions. He loves her so much that he has no choice but to accept his new role and as the first cock enters his mouth, he will be forever the cuckold fluffer husband...FORCED BI - CUCKOLD - CUM EATING - HUMILIATION - FEMDOM WIFE - FEMDOM SEX

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