A Dava Doll For Cucky Full DVD

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 39:00

Goddess Dava Foxx is a smoking hot milf. Her young next door neighbor Toby has a huge crush on her. Dava believes he has been spying on her by watching her undress and watching her masturbate. Every time she pulls up into the driveway he runs over to ask her if he can carry her groceries, wash her car or mow her lawn. Toby will do anything just to be near her and today is no different. She walks out to the garage to get a bottle of water and Toby asks "can I clean your pool? Do you need me to do any work?" Goddess Dava replies "no Toby that's alright, I have my girlfriend coming over and we're going to go swimming maybe another day but thank you." Toby says ok and wonders back next-door. Once home he opens the closet in his room and pulls out a sex doll. That's right, a blowup doll he named Dava. It even looks like her. Toby throws his Dava doll on the bed and beings to talk all macho to it "oh you don't need any help? All you need is this." Toby starts finger banging the blowup doll. Then his Mom yells for him to take out the trash. He very nervously puts the doll back in the closet. Later that day he climbs the fence and is watching Miss Foxx in her room in her hot red bikini. She notices he is right outside her window and decides to give him a little show by pulling her panties to the side revealing her wet pink pussy. Knowing Toby is watching she jumps up, opens the door and grabs the little bitch by his ear pulling him into the house. "I knew it! You've been spying on me you little pervert." He says, "it's not what you think Miss Fox." Dava responds "I know exactly what it is Toby! You want this pussy!" She instructs him to pull his pants down to see what he working with. Embarrassed Toby obeys and pulls his pants down revealing a 2-inch tiny dick. Dava starts laughing and says "you could never please a woman, but maybe we can find some use for you. You can start at the bottom get down here and worship my feet bitch, Then she puts a collar on him, humiliating him for his small penis size and laughing because he has such a crush on her she decides to keep him around. Mistress Kylie is coming over to lay out by the pool and Goddess Dava already made the pathetic cocky boy worship her feet. While he was on his knees worshiping Goddesses feet she sees that he came all over the floor. Toby was instructed to slurp up every drop. Goddess Dava then sends him to prepare drinks for her and Kylie. Mistress Kylie can't believe all the stories she hears from Dava. "When do I get to meet this boy?" Dava snaps her fingers yells out "oh Toby" and he arrives naked wearing only a pink collar carrying two glasses of wine, and takes his place at Dava's side, on his knees. Mistress Kylie laughs and asks for permission to use him for a few things. She spreads her legs, takes her fingers and opens her pussy teasing him. "Breathe in your goddess's essence. Do you want to lick that?" Of course, the pathetic cucky Toby says yes. Well, you don't get the privilege but you can lick my ass." The ladies proceed to make cuck boy Toby lick and worship their ass's. Then the ladies bounce him back-and-forth between the two of them. "This is where men belong on their knees in servitude. Now the ladies tell him they want to get off. They strap a chindo to the bitch's face telling him that he will bring them both to orgasm using only the prosthetic dick. "There is no way you could ever get a woman off with that pathetic excuse for a dick." From now on he will wear a pink collar and be locked in chastity. On his knees ready to serve. He will forever be their cucky They go to his place and start snooping around his bedroom. They open the closet door only to find Toby's Dava doll. "Toby is this supposed to be me wearing a red bikini, my red bikini? Are you really that obsessed with me you have a blowup doll dressed just like me?" The ladies laugh as Toby is humiliated. Humiliating him even further they place the doll on his bed and then lay him on the bed and begin licking his chastity device. "Can you feel our hot breath on your little cock locked in there?" Driving him crazy his cock starts to swell. Toby is begging to be released. "Goddess Dava tells him she will let him out under one condition, he must talk dirty to the Dava doll and lick her pussy. Then fuck it to prove to her that he is worthy to please her. Toby says, "then I'll get to be with you? I'll do whatever it takes." He starts to lick the plastic vagina of the love doll. The ladies tell him to talk dirty to it and fuck it. He puts his cock inside and starts pumping it for all it's worth. Talking to the doll and fucking hard he can't control himself cumming all over the Dava doll. Again the ladies laugh "pathetic". He is then instructed to lick up his disgusting filth off of the doll. Goddess Dava Foxx tells Toby that it's time they finally fuck. He will get his wish, they're going to fuck. Next thing you know Mistress Kylie Rogue and Goddess Dava are strapped up with 12" inch purple cocks and instructs the cuckold neighbor to suck the strap-ons to lube them up with his saliva before they fuck his little boy pussy. Toby replies "this is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to fuck." She said, "it doesn't matter what you want you're my little bitch now and you will do what I say. Suck my cock." Then Toby is flipped every which way on his back, on his side, bent over and fucked hard by Goddess Dava. Kylie shoves her purple cock in his mouth laughing the whole time. When they are through with him they leave him laying on the bed spent. A couple of days later Toby is laying on his bed with his Dava Doll talking to it about how it is the only one that understands him. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door it's Goddess Dava and Kylie. He invites them in and they tell him they have a special surprise for him. They bring him a Toby doll. That's right a love doll with a 7-inch cock. Dava tells him now you can keep your asshole nice and stretched out so that it's ready for me at any time. Toby replies "yes goddess". But this doll doesn't look anything like me." The ladies burst out laughing

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