Emmanuelle's Sissy Slut

Category: cuckolding

Duration: 6:00

Emmanuel tells her cucky that it makes her really hot to see her boyfriend dressed as a maid. She puts him in a chastity unit and dresses him like a girl. Emmanuel then drops the bomb. She is going on a date and she might bring another guy home to fuck. She says that it will be okay because the stud isn't her boyfriend. The young man is flabbergasted, but Emmanuel assures him that this is a huge turn on for her and something fun they can do together.Emmanuel comes home with a well-hung stud. She laughs about liking them young and dumb. She fucks the stud hard as her "boyfriend" is made to watch. When she is done with the stud, she throws him out and tells her "boyfriend" to clean her pussy. Several weeks go by and Emmanuel is pleased with her "boyfriend's" commitment to her.

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