Imprisoning Your Cock featuring Anna Myst!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: chastity

Duration: 6:00

Laying in bed joined by mistress Anna Myst, we laugh at how we`ve locked your cock in a male chastity belt while you were drunk and only we hold the key to release your dick from its metal cage. Maybe this will teach you not to get sloppy drunk and pass out around us, you stupid loser. Now your cock`s trapped in its own private cell and it`s up to us when it`ll be set free. With the cage over your dick you can`t jerk-off and certainly can`t cum, and we use this to our advantage by teasing you with our hot bodies while you watch with aching balls. As I show you my perfect bare tits while Anna flaunts her ass, all you want to do is stroke your dick but the cage imprisoning your cock makes it impossible. We continue teasing you with our perfect bodies while you pathetically beg for us to unlock the chastity belt. "I want to see him beg hard enough until he cries and only then will we release him," Anna says. "Maybe," I add as we laugh maniacally. Keep begging, slave!

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