Is This Your Final Orgasm?(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: chastity

Duration: 9:00

Sitting on my pool table I break the bad news to you that you`re about to have your final orgasm. That`s right; this will be the last time I let you cum for a long time so you better make the most of it! Once your load is spent I`ll be locking your cock up in this chastity cage and throwing away the key. Take a look at my hot body in this skimpy dress and stroke your hard cock to my toned legs and perky tits. Hiking my dress up I reveal that I`m not wearing any panties and I rub my shaved pussy while you jerk your dick. Just imagine how good it would feel sliding your cock inside my tight, wet hole, you nasty boy. You`d love to fuck me, wouldn`t you? Stroke your cock faster and faster for me and shoot that warm cum everywhere. Good, slave! I hope you enjoyed that orgasm since it`s the last one you`ll be having for a while. It`s time for me to lock your cock and balls up in this little cage so get over here, bitch!

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