Permanent CHASTITY -MP4

Category: chastity

Duration: 6:00

Lexi keeps her personal slaves in full time chastity, she has decided this particular slaves cock will be locked away PERMANENTLY. No breaks, never allowed out of his cock cage again.The slave has been locked in the cage for two weeks before when Lexi decides test this chastity cages effectiveness. Lexi straps the slave to the bondage table and vibrates his cock through the cage, his balls are swollen and aching to cum. The pathetic chastity slave thrusts against the vibrator, desperately trying to cum. Lexi allows the slave to cum in his cage, from the 2 weeks of build up the slave projectile squirts his massive cum load about six feet away. Lexi laughs in amusement at her permanent chastity slaves unfortunate situation. The slave will never be allowed out of chastity again, milked while in his cage, permanently under her lock and key. His cock is owned by her.Lexi controls and supervises every orgasm of her chastity slave.

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