My Cum Slut Guzzler

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Duration: 9:00

A submissive, horny bitch like you should always cum in the presence of his Mistress, but only when she allows you to do so. Frankly, Ms Bijou is not interested in your masturbation, unless, of course, there is something in it for her. And if you humiliated yourself by cumming in your mouth, then she would be very interested in watching you jerk off. You will assume the classic position: Legs over head, on your back. You will point your cock to your wide gaping hole of a mouth, and when Bijou is done teasing you, you will unload into your mouth. Kinda like fucking yourself, right? And don't think about wasting a single drop. Anything that misses your mouth will be wiped up and dutifully licked off your dirty fingers. Taste it, swallow, it memorize it. From here on in, you little cum-guzzling slut, this is the only way you will attain sexual pleasure for your Mistress!

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