Worship Our Ass Now Slave

Category: brat girls

Duration: 8:00

Goddess Marsha May and Goddess Hope Harper are waiting in Tobys garage as he is taking out the trash. When he arrives back he is shocked to see Hope and Marsha in his garage and starts to panic telling them they have to leave before his parents get home. Goddess Hope stands up and slaps this pathetic bitch in the face and begins to tell him every boy in the neighborhood will be their slave. Forcing their new slave to the floor they tease him with their tight pussies. Then after making their slave sniff their pussies, Goddess Hope and Marsha instruct their slave to begin licking and worshiping their asses where all slaves begin. Goddess Marsha and Hope smother their slaves face with their asses and making him lick in and out of their ass holes. Once they have had enough of this worthless slave they ask if he wants to fuck, but he has no idea what is in stored for him and his man pussie.

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