BW - Dominated by Hooker Boots (Boot Worship)

Category: boot domination

Duration: 9:00

Mistress Bijou takes great joy in dressing you down verbally as she orders you to service her sleazy hooker boots. She only wears those tasteless boots for losers like you; it keeps your tongue off her precious body, and there is so much boot to worship. Also, it allows her to reflect on philosophical questions, such as: If you are worshipping the filth on my boots, (remember, you are not worshipping her, you are worshipping her boots) what does that make you? Lower than slime? Scum? The BIG question is whether you are still worthy to cum on her boots. Or are you too low for that? There's only one way to find out. (BOOT DOMINATION, HUMILIATION) You can see more of Mistress Bijou Steal in action at her Ballerina Gone Bad clip store.

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