Tormenting the Pool Boy in Horrible Ways! (WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: ballbusting

Duration: 8:00

Joined by my cohort Mistress Anna, we sit outside and join forces tormenting the pool boy we caught ogling us. After making him lay naked in front of us we decide that kicking him in his sensitive balls is the right thing to do. We have him stand before us and take turns squeezing, hitting, and kicking his poor cock and nuts in between slapping him across the face. He cries out in agony as we continuously abuse him and laugh in delight while we do it. I make him jerk his dick until it`s nice and hard and even lend him a hand but there won`t be any cumming for him. Just when he thinks we might let him blow his load we cruelly begin taking turns kicking him directly in the balls again. "I think that`s enough for him," Anna finally says but I don`t agree and keep delivering blow after viscous blow! I make him worship our feet by kissing them all over before Mistress Anna and I both trample him and proceed to spit in his mouth. Will the humiliation ever stop? We just love making morons like this our bitch!

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