BB - Ball Busting, Face Slapping Queens (Ball Busting)

Category: ballbusting

Duration: 10:00

BALL BUSTING, FACE SLAPPING, SHOULDER RIDING, FOOT WORSHIP, TEASE AND DENIAL Mistress Kandy and Domme Kyaa are relaxing on the couch with their slaves beneath them as always. Mistress Kandy's slave is worshiping her feet while Domme Kyaa's slave is being teased and denied mercilessly by Domme Kyaa. The two Mistresses even make out to drive the slaves crazier but they are not allowed to come. Domme Kyaa starts kicking her slave in the balls while ordering him to stroke his cock but he is not allowed to cum. Eventually they send him away and turn their attention to Mistress Kandy's slave. Mistress Kandy starts brutally face slapping him while Domme Kyaa is laying hard kicks to his balls over and over. The slave is being beaten ruthlessly from all sides and collapses in agony. Mistress Kandy finds this unacceptable and she mounts his shoulders and orders him to stand as she cranks on his hair, slaps his face and makes him remain standing as Domme Kyaa kicks him over and over in the balls. The slave almost collapses completely on several occasions because Domme Kyaa has brutally hard kicks that she loves delivering. But Mistress Kandy is an expert and pulling hair or twisting ears or doing whatever it takes to make the slave rise up for yet another kick. Very brutal video. You can see more of the incredible Goddess Kyaa and worship her at her Kyaa's Empire - Click, Pay, Obey clip store.

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