Poor Foot Worship Punished by Ball Kicking!(WMV Full Hd 1080p Format)

Category: ballbusting

Duration: 11:00

"Kiss my shoes, come on!" I order and the naked slave kneeling before medoesn`t hesitate to obey my command. Taking a seat on my sofa, I have himkiss my sexy black nylons as well before having him take my heels off andsniffing my beautiful feet. My nylons may be sexy, but this slave wants tokiss my bare feet so I strip them off to let him do just that. I`ve beenwalking around all day and my feet are dirty and stink, but this loserdoesn`t seem to mind in the least as I rub them all over his face and makehim suck my toes. "Clean my feet with your fucking tongue!" I demand as Ishove one foot in his mouth while rubbing his cock with my other. When Inotice what a lousy job he`s doing cleaning my feet with his tongue Ideliver a series of painful kicks to his delicate nuts to rectify his poorperformance. Will this fix his behavior or will I have to kick him in thenuts even more? I guess we`ll find out!

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