AW - Diapered Sissy Turned Into Our Whore (Ass Worship)

Category: ass worship

Duration: 10:00

The scene opens with Mistress Jasmine humiliating her sissy slut for wearing a thong over its diapers. It never did have any true fashion sense. Then Lady Bellatrix and Mistress Kandy enter the room and things get really crazy. They decide to turn their sissy slut into a whore to make them some money. They pull its panties down to reveal a tiny clit of a penis. Lady Bellatrix pulls on its penis lit repeatedly trying to stretch it longer. Finally they give up on its puny clitoris dick and they start sitting on its face and ordering it to lick their asses. They all take turns getting their asses licked. There is no rest for the sissy slut. It was born to be a sexual servant and this is just the beginning. Be sure to check out more of the amazing Mistresses at these links: Mistress Jasmine at her Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix clip store. Lady Bellatrix at her Lady Bellatrix - Queen of Mean clip store.

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