AW - Kandy's Amazing Camping Adventure (Ass Worship)

Category: ass worship

Duration: 9:00

Can you imagine how lucky you would be if you were camping and you came across Mistress Kandy in the woods? Imagine if she actually seduced you into being her toilet and licking her ass while you're both out there in the great outdoors. That's what happened in Kandy's recent adventure. She went camping like she does every year, but this time she decided if she ran into a nice looking hiker or camper, she thought it would be fun to convert him into serving her needs. But before you see her seduce the camper, first Kandy has to relieve herself. She does this for you POV style and makes you clean her up like the human toilet paper you really are. Then as the adventure continues, she runs into the hiker she will use for her adventure. He's an innocent young adult lad and before he knew what was happening, she had him on his knees sniffing her ass and then eventually licking her ass. What makes this all the more daring is the possibility of being seen by other hikers and people boating on the lake.Kandy really enjoys giving her victim a good tongue workout in her soft, firm, beautiful behind. We have no doubt she will be going camping again next year. Maybe you will be her next victim in the great outdoors.

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