AW - Sasha Trains Her Ass Cleaner (Ass Worship)

Category: ass worship

Duration: 6:00

ASS LICKING, TOILET TALK, FACE SITTING, HUMILIATION Mistress Sasha really delights in training her ass bitch for his true purpose in lifeā€¦. to clean her ass with his tongue. She starts him off by teasing him with just the smell and look of her ass. It's not long before he has a huge hard-on and he is going crazy for her ass. Then she grabs the back of his head and orders him to go deep with his tongue. She wants her ass cleaned perfectly just like human toilet paper. She continues to yank on his head and make sure he does a good job. Towards the end, she orders him on his back so she can sit on his face and get cleaned to perfection. You can also see more of the incredible Mistress Sasha Mizaree at her Sasha Mizaree Fetish clip store.

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